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Physical activity

We invite you to spend your free time actively. There are walking and biking trails in the vicinity of Rymanów Zdrój.

Walking trails

Rymanów Zdrój - Puławy Górne

The walking trail from Rymanów Zdrój to Puławy is 12 km. On the route there is an amphitheater, the village of Wołtuszowa, the Student Tent Base Wisłoczek, Tarnawka, Puławy Dolne and the end point of Puławy Górne. The trail has a moderate degree of difficulty.

Walking trail Rymanów-Zdrój - Puławy-Górne Map of the Rymanów-Zdrój - Puławy-Górne route

Rymanów Zdrój - Cergowa

The route from Rymanów Zdrój to Cergowa is 14.3 km. On the trail we will see the amphitheater in Rymanów Zdrój, Pod Glorietką, the spotted eagle in Iwonicz Zdrój, the Monument of Nature in Lubatowa, the Cave "Where the plane fell" and we will reach the Observation Tower on Mount Cergowa. Moderate difficulty of the route.

Walking trail Rymanów-Zdrój - Cergowa Map of the Rymanów-Zdrój - Cergowa route

Bike trails

Krosno - Iwonicz

The bicycle route from Krosno to Iwonicz has a moderate degree of difficulty. The route is 23.58 km and leads from Krosno through Rogi and Lubatówka to Iwonicz, on the way you can admire wonderful views.

Szlak rowerowy Krosno-Iwonicz Map of the Krosno-Iwonicz trail

Iwonicz Zdrój - Rymanów

The bicycle route from Iwonicz Zdrój to Rymanów is only 10.51 km long and has an easy degree of difficulty. The trail runs along the road, starting in Iwonicz Zdrój, passing sanatoriums in the direction of Iwonicz, then to Rymanów and ends in the area of the spa park.

The Iwonicz-Zdrój - Rymanów bicycle route Map of the Iwonicz-Zdrój - Rymanów route

Rymanów Zdrój - Sieniawa - Wisłoczek

The bicycle route from Rymanów Zdrój through Sieniawa to Wisłoczek is characterized by a very easy degree of difficulty and is 29.18 km. The route with beautiful views leads uphill at first and then gently downwards. On the way, you can visit the center in Rudawka with graduation towers and brine, the Wisłoczka gorge, the dam in Sieniawa and Rymanów.

The Rymanów - Sieniawa - Wisłoczek bicycle route Map of the Rymanów - Sieniawa - Wisłoczek route

Rymanów - Daliowa - Chyrowa

The bicycle route from Rymanów through Daliowa to Chyrowa is 48.47 km long and has an easy degree of difficulty. The trail has a lot of climbs and beautiful views. On the way, you can visit the church in Królik Wołoski and the church in Chyrowa.

The Rymanów - Daliowa - Chyrowa cycling route Map of the Rymanów - Daliowa - Chyrowa route

Łazy - Milcza - Wróblik - Rymanów

The bicycle trail from Łazy through Milcza, Wróblik to Rymanów is a 20.27 km long trail with an easy degree of difficulty. The hike is calm with little climbs.

The Łazy - Milcza - Wróblik - Rymanów cycling route Map of the Łazy - Milcza - Wróblik - Rymanów route

Gorlice - Rudawka Rymanowska

The bicycle route from Gorlice to Rudawka Rymanowska is 70.55 km long and has a moderate degree of difficulty. At the beginning of the trail there are several hills where you can admire beautiful views and a small windmill farm, then you will encounter a strong uphill and a quick descent.

Gorlice - Rudawka Rymanowska bicycle route Map of the Gorlice - Rudawka Rymanowska route

Krosno - Rymanów - Bałucianka - Iwonicz - Krosno

The bicycle trail from Krosno through Rymanów, Balucianka, Iwonicz and back to Krosno is an easy 52.11 km long trail. The route is full of beautiful, picturesque views and attractions to visit, incl. windmill farm.

Krosno - Rymanów - Balucianka - Iwonicz - Krosno bicycle route Map of the route Krosno - Rymanów - Bałówcianka - Iwonicz - Krosno

Miejsce Piastowe - Odrzykoń

The bicycle route from Miejsce Piastowe to Odrzykoń is a difficult route and is 33.64 km long. It has gentle and steep climbs and picturesque descents with beautiful panoramas. The route requires good physical condition.

Place Piastowe - Odrzykoń bicycle route Map of the Miejsce Piastowe - Odrzykoń route