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Mineral Water Pump Room in Rymanów Zdrój The fountain in the Spa Park in Rymanów Zdrój Church St. Stanisław Bishop Martyr in Rymanów Zdrój Walking routes around Rymanów Zdrój

Rymanów-Zdrój is a health resort, known for its healing properties of springs and a beautiful location by the river, among many walking routes.
The main attractions of Ryamnów Zdrój include the Mineral Water Pump Room in the Spa Park.
The Spa Park is full of greenery with numerous walking paths and benches. It has a fountain where you can sit and relax.
Among the places of religious worship, it is worth seeing, among others St. Stanislaus the Bishop Martyr, Church of St. Lawrence, the Synagogue and cemeteries: Jewish and Catholic.
There are numerous walking and cycling routes in Rymanów Zdrój. The most popular nature trail is "Rymanów Zdrój". Patients and guests eagerly visit Wołtuszowa - a village now attached to Rymanów Zdrój, where there are numerous walking paths leading among the traces of its former inhabitants.


Krosno is a city with a beautiful, historic market square, churches and the Glass Heritage Center, where you can learn about the history of glass production in the world and in Poland, and see the entire process of glass production and processing.
A new attraction of Krosno is the Etnocentrum, located in the building of the former railway station. This place combines folk traditions with modernity, learning about traditions through interactive ethnograms and multimedia boards. It offers numerous workshops for people of all ages. A great place for both children and adults.
In Krosno, you will find the Craft Museum, which presents old professions such as tailoring, hairdressing, weaving and others.
For enthusiasts of active recreation, the Rope Nature Park, which requires high efficiency, will be an attraction.

The market square in Krosno Glass Heritage Center in Krosno The ethnocenter of the Krosno Region Craft Museum in Krosno


Ethnographic open-air museum in Sanok The Royal Castle in Sanok The market square in Sanok Zdzisław Beksiński Gallery in Sanok

Sanok is a city that should be on the map of places to visit. The most interesting attraction of this city is the ethnographic open-air museum, where we can learn about the culture of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland. The open-air museum in Sanok covers an area of 38 ha and is divided into various categories. This is a unique place that will take us back in time.
In Sanok, it is worth seeing the Royal Castle, which was first in the Gothic style, and later rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Currently, it houses the Historical Museum with exhibitions, incl. from archaeological excavations.
The market square in Sanok has the shape of a square with 100-meter sides. The most beautiful building is the renovated Old Town Hall.
In Sanok, there is a gallery of Zdzisław Beksiński's paintings.

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